“This course has enhanced my planning skills and I have already started recommending it to my colleagues because it will greatly enhance our skills and capacity in the transport planning sector.”

“I enjoyed the public transport planning issues such as improving public transport ridership and reducing congestion.”

“I enjoyed the diversity of the experience, both from the speakers and the attendees.”

“I have already started my recommendations especially to my colleagues at work because it will greatly enhance our skills and capacity building in the transport planning sector.” –Evles Jolna from Ministry of Transport and Communication Botswana on Professional Certificate in Strategic Public Transport Planning December 2012

“I have gained new insights in the assessment of transportation issues and garnered skills which are immediately applicable in my work activities.”
“Good ideas for improving policy/planning monitoring that could easily be applied here.”
“It has provided a different approach which should improve the likelihood of achieving the result desired.”
“I would recommend this course because of its ability to be customized to specific locations and situations. It also demonstrates the practical application of merging various aspects from multiple disciplines.”