Professional Certificate in Strategic Public Transport Planning

Day One

09:00 Registration and Refreshments  
09:45 Chair’s Welcome and Delegate’s Introduction  
10:00 Examining the Role of Transport in Development
Analysing Public Transport in the Millennium Development Goals
Transport and small business opportunities
Transport planning and links with health, infrastructure, economic growth and poverty reduction
11:15 Morning coffee  
11:30 Gender and Transport
  • Understanding different transport needs and structures
  • Designing transport structures to ensure inclusivity
12:30 Lunch  
13:30 Structural Problems in the Transport Sector in the Developing World
  • Export focused road building
  • Business orientated infrastructure
  • Transport development beyond cities and hubs
  • Transport risk management
14:45 Afternoon tea  
15:00 Integrated Public Transport Planning: Case Study
Strategic Transport Planning at Local, Regional, National and Supra-National Level
Considering financing: examining the role of PFI and PPP mechanisms
Public and private sector roles
16:45 Questions and discussion  
17:00 Close  

Day Two

09:30 Refreshments  
09:45 Chair’s Welcome and Recap  
10:00 Risk Management in Procurement
Identifying generic and specific risks across projects and sectors
Assessing risk accurately: guidelines and techniques
11:15 Morning coffee  
11:30 Sustainable Procurement: Overcoming Obstacles
Environmental and economic sustainability
Economic development through procurement
Participation and local engagement
12:45 Lunch  
13:45 Ethical Issues in Procurement
  • Ensuring transparency, countering corruption
  • Considering information availability and equal access
15:00 Afternoon tea  
15:15 Guidance on Achieving a Chartered Management Professional Qualification
  • Structuring a written piece of work for assessment: generic overview and principles
  • Structuring these two specific pieces of work to demonstrate all the assessment criteria
  • Blending public transport strategic planning content into these structures
16:45 Questions and discussion  
17:00 Close  

Day Three

09:15 Refreshments  
09:30 Chairman’s Welcome and Introduction  
09:45 Improving Decision-Making for Major Urban Transit Projects
Assessing role of projects in large cities, both developed and developing
Considering how to develop projects successfully: tools and methods
11:15 Morning coffee  
11:30 Risk Management: Achieving Influence and Control in City Transport Planning
Strategic role of risk analysis and management in city transport planning
Risk analysis in developing major projects
Strategic risk guides
13:00 Lunch  
14:00 Applying Sustainability Typologies to Public Transport Strategies
Analysing sustainability definitions and applications
Integrating sustainability concerns into transport planning
Ensuring citizen buy-in
15:10 Afternoon tea  
15:25 Integrating Transport Strategies
Communication and joining-up planning
Public and private sector roles
Inter-agency and supra-national partnerships
Strategies for co-ordinating approaches and goals
16:45 Questions and discussion  
17:00 Close  

Day Four

09:30 Refreshments  
09:45 Chair’s Welcome and Recap  
  Focus Day: Strategic Planning in Public Transport  
10:00 Principles and Application of Strategic Thinking in the Public Transport Sector
10:45 Round of Q & A Discussion  
11:15 Morning coffee  
11:30 Projecting and Managing Organisational Problems Using Strategic Tools
12:15 Round of Q & A Discussion  
12:45 Lunch  
13:45 Utilising Strategic Tools in Public Transport Planning
14:30 Round of Q & A Discussion  
15:00 Afternoon tea  
15:15 Public Transport Planning and Strategic Communication
16:00 Round of Q & A Discussion  
16:30 Final Questions and Discussion
Chair’s summary
17:00 Seminar Close